Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Clearing out the studio, to put it in workable condition. Here is the inventory of clay on hand:

Great Lakes Clay Company (from our time in Chicago):
50 pounds Buff (cone 4-10 and raku)
25 pounds Song Porcelain (cone 6-10, since discontinued)

Laguna Clay Company (from time in Phoenix)
~50 pounds Rod's Bod (cone 10 and raku)

Standard Clay Company
50 pounds 112: Light Brown (cone 4-6)
50 pounds 266: Dark Brown (cone 4-6)
50 pounds 308: Brooklyn Red (cone 5-6)
250 pounds 306: Brown Firing CLay (cone 4-10)

The condition of the clay ranges from throwable to leather hard. The Rod's bod and Song porcelain is extremely moldy as well (some potters covet the mold, as a sign of mature clay, others shun it). I'll work at reconstituting everything once we clear the studio for work.


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