Sunday, November 13, 2005

Home Again

I was out of town from Monday evening thru Friday night.

While I was gone, Stephanie drew me this picture. Its like one of my rockets, but has four fins, engines, and there is a flower in a pot peeking out the porthole.

Julie threw an entire twenty-five pound bag of clay in one sitting, then trimmed them the next day. She made a number of salsa bowls and batter bowls (think of a mixing bowl with a pouring lip and handle). She also made some of her garden tiles, from plaster molds she cast over the summer. She had carved clay master tiles in preparation to making the molds.

My only other pottery activity was searching the city that I visited for a cone 4 moist clay, made by Aardvark Clay Company, which is matte black when it is finished, called "Cassius Basaltic". Julie would like to make some black dragon pots, and I would like to make some black rockets. The difference with this clay and our current raku pieces will be that the cassius pots would be vitrified.

We currently have two pieces in the house thrown with this clay, a small vase, and a bottle with a spherical base and a fifteen inch neck. It is shaped like a volumetric flask from a chemistry lab, but with the base of a boiling flask.

It turns out that Aardvark does not have any distributors in the state that I was visiting, but there are ones in Atlanta, Georgia and Alexandria, Virginia. I knew about the Atlanta distributor, Daven's Ceramics, since I used to be a customer there, and the next time we are in the city we can try to swing by to pick up some clay. The Alexandria site, near Washington, DC, is the closest to our home in Voorhees, and I could take a trip down and back in a day if I had to.

UPDATE: Tracking through the distributor site for Alexandria, VA, I found one of their stores is located in Philadelphia. Julie can pick some Cassius up for us this week.


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