Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Clay Recovery

We spent the weekend in the garage, doing some cleanup and reorganization. The slab roller that I built Julie three summers ago is now in a usable spot, and we have a work table next to it. We also cleared off a series of shelves for greenware and bisqueware.

This evening, I went into the studio, and worked on recovering some of the dried out clay. I unwrapped two hundred pounds, wet it down, then rewrapped and sealed the bags. This adds moisture to each bag, and resealing them allows the moisture to even out.

The porcelain was in the worst shape (after I threw out the Rod's Bod; the box seemed to have two different kinds of clay, and both were pretty badly dried out. I tossed them, since I have no idea which cone either of the bags should be fired to, since neither of them could be Rod's Bod).

The 266 was in the best shape. It was just a little on the firm side. I'll check it tomorrow after work.


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