Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Together in the Studio

On Sunday, Julie and I were both in the studio. I sat at the wheel, trimming my mugs, the 306 vase that I had thrown for her, and my dip warmer. Julie improvised a worktable on top of our stack of clay boxes, to work on her dragons.

It was a comfortable arrangement, and we got to chat while working. I used our clay extruder (a cross between a heavy-duty caulking gun and a Playdough Fun Factory) to make handles. After I finished the mugs and dip warmer, I wrapped everything in plastic, and put it back in the damp box to allow the mositure to even out in each piece.

We are planning on another bisque firing by this weekend, and hopefully do a cone six glaze firing soon after. A cone four firing will also need to take place for all of the Cassius Basaltic pieces (Cassius Basaltic will 'bloat' at cone six).

We also have our eye on another used kiln to turn into a raku kiln, rather than sacrificing Bubbles. This other kiln has electrical problems, but we would gut the remaining wiring for its new task. Bubbles would either go up for sale to fund the raku kiln, or be mothballed for future projects (like reworking the heating element controls to use for crystalline glazes).

Julie was in the studio, yesterday, working on dragon vases. She learns more every time that she makes a piece, so her technique is evolving. After the Golden Globes were over, I popped into the studio for a few minutes to trim the small mixing bowl that I made from 306.


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