Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tomorrow's Forecast: Smoke and Flames

We called The Ceramics Shop, found out their hours for tomorrow, and chatted with them about the availability of their raku kiln.

We are scheduled for a raku firing tomorrow.

After a quick trip to Home Despot for buckets, empty paint cans, and sawdust, I started mixing our raku glazes:
  • A two gallon bucket of Seth's Luster.
  • A two gallon bucket of white crackle
  • Four 160 gram batches of Louden's base, with 25% of the following mason stains: Deep Crimson, Tangerine, Florentine (green), and Lobster
  • The Beads test glaze
  • Laguna Clay Raku Glaze Black Laquer
  • Laguna Clay Raku Glaze Dark Red
  • Laguna Clay Raku 'Mystery Glaze' (suspect that it is glaze called Lithium Slip)
  • Discovered a fourth, smaller bag of Laguna raku glaze - Awabi Shell

Needless to say, we had a lot to choose from when we started glazing. I did two rockets, and Julie did two dragons, and four test pieces to see what the glazes will do.

I'll keep everyone posted on the results.


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