Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mousewash: Makes Your Mice Squeeky Clean

Cleaning up the studio for a bit, today. We were running into an organization issue, where the place we kept drying ware was invaded by bisqued pieces, and there was nowhere to put glazed pieces. I worked at consolidating some of the 'marginally pottery-related' stuff to fewer shelves, including the use of the top of the damp box. We now have four cleared shelves, one for bisque, one for glazed, one for drying pieces (before they go to the garage shelves), and a spare shelf for whatever overflows.

I ran across a canopic jar that I made back in Atlanta, after I totalled my Honda CRX as part of a five-six car pile-up on the 75 on a rainy evening. I slid into a Mercedes, and then was hit by a pickup at 55 mph. My car was barely drivable, with the hood and rear quarter buckled, but no broken glass, so I limped it back home. I called the insurance company, and they wanted me to bring it in to an inspector the next day. I spent about two hours cleaning the inside and outside of the car, including using Armor-All on every interior surface and the tires. The car looked like new, if you ignored the crushed up bits. The one comment that I got from the insurance company was that it was obvious that I really took care of my car.

The canopic jar is thrown with 266, and has a craving of Anubis driving my CRX off to the underworld. There is a mystical eye on the front left fender of the car, and the color had changed from red to green. Wound around the mouth of the jar is a snake. I had planned to glaze the piece in a white crackle, then heavily reduce the pot out of the raku kiln to get the glaze to turn transparent.

Julie has a bisque kiln going in the garage, preparing for our raku firing this week.

I plan to return to the studio, and throw some more. Julie wants a big planter for one of our indoor plants, a Dracaena Marginata that sits in our family room. The planter will measure about twelve inches wide by ten high, and have a saucer to catch any extra water, and will be throw with Cassius. Julie will add twining dragons to the piece when it is trimmed.


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