Monday, February 06, 2006

Krystyna's Pots in Mount Holly

When we were at the Fire and Ice festival a few weeks ago, in Mount Holly, we met the owners of Krystyna's Pots, a gallery at 37 White Street. They spend a lot of time displaying the pieces individually at the gallery, and make little signs with the artist's name and price for each piece.

On Sunday, Julie and I brought thirteen pots, of various styles, to the gallery, to see if Krystyna and Gorden were interested in carrying any of our work. We brought dragons, rockets, and raku pieces.

They liked all of the pieces, and we have signed the paperwork for them to carry our work for the next couple of months.

It's exciting for me to have my work in a gallery again, the first time in about twelve years. Its Julie's first time as well, and she is excited too.

In May, there is another festival in Mount Holly, the weekend before Mother's day. Krystyna is encouraging me to throw a couple of big bowls for sale during the festival.


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