Monday, October 02, 2006

Two New Cons

We've added two more conventions to our list for next year:

Comic-Con at the end of July
Dragon*Con in early September

There is only a month between these two conventions, so we will see how it goes with the availability of artwork. They will be the largest two cons on the schedule. Dragon*Con is also a juried show, so Julie and I will need to submit pictures of our work sometime in the new year to see if we can get admission.

We will need to ship our work to San Diego for the Comin-Con, and there is a sculptor who I know will be at Arisia that I want to talk to about better (and cheaper) means of shipping than what we used to go to WorldCon in Anaheim. She had a honkin' big wooden crate that she packed her artwork in and shipped.

A little over two months after Dragon*Con is the next Philcon, and the convention cycle will start again. Hopefully we will spend the next year madly throwing and firing pieces for the shows.


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