Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday Night

Worked on the rayguns last night.

Some of the paint was flaking off the trim pieces, so I used steel wool to get them down to bare metal, then sprayed them with a few coats of primer. I was able to place the pieces on the top of empty root beer and lemon thing bottles, instead of hanging from string like I did last time. The pieces are very flat, and the visible part is rim of each piece.

I repainted the body of the "Cereza Negra" as well. I was able to balance the spindle on the top of another glass soda bottle, and get access to all sides of the piece.

I also sculpted the handle for the "Cinco de Mayo" raygun. I altered the curves on the back of the handle butt, which looks aesthetically pleasing, as well as fits the hand better.

Friday night, I'll paint the second raygun handle, as well as start the finish work on the Cereza Negra. This will be gluing the trigger and triggerguard into place, and then filling the remaining gaps with wood putty. This will then be sanded and touched up this weekend.


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