Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Big Rocket

I finished the big rocket tonight.

The humidity has been really high for the last week, so everything is taking forever to dry enough for carving.

On Saturday, Stephanie and I drove down to the Shore, Long Beach Island. She played in the waves for about six hours, with a break for a late lunch. We went to a nice sea food restaurant, where she had mako shark, and I had fresh scallops (harvested from the bay), which were in a pesto sauce with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatos, and mozarella cheese. Steph had a side of onion rings, and I had diced tomatos in basalmic vinegar.

At dusk, we learned to beach comb for sea glass.

Today, I had spent a few minutes at work on my whiteboard, sketching fin configurations until I found something that I liked. I kept trying to force a pair of stubby rectangular fins onto the mid body (I've only made one rocket where it looked good, which promptly blew up in the firing because I forgot to put a hole to the sealed center cavity..... uh, wait a minute.....needle tool through rear of rocket. The Big Rocket made a sucking noise as the pressure equalized.)

Three engine bells and fins. The cockpit windows are two rows of three rectangles. I carved two sets of intake vents between the top and side fins.

Its almost too tall to fit in its chuck in the damp box. I have it wrapped in plastic to slow down the drying. Tomorrow, I'll do the smaller rocket, and trim the closed forms and little vase.


Blogger deudamiff said...

- - - -


here are links to get the feel of
a vortex-tube,

then make one from clay, ceramics.

http://www.spin-n-ward.blogspot.com ?


the idea to message you came

when watching plant-life, all of it !

its using a vortex-tube principle.

i started seeing it everywhere!,

the hollow-tubes, the spinning.

tree branches, garden plants.


there is somthing very powerful here.

its part of a dangerously-neglected


called 'natural-geometry'.


other uses for the device:

i got ideas...

very-hot to very-cold
is a great way
to break rocks. tunnels?

this has possible uses in
construction, art, or both.


or to speed up natures process
of turning rock to clay!


campers would love a tube
that makes heat from air.

the needed air-pressure of 100psi
could be obtained by standing on a...


a car or home air-conditioner.
use hot-end in winter,
and cold-end in summer.


what would happen if the
hot-end was fed back into it?


those are my main ideas.

im moving to slow.

this thing is too-important
to leave in the hands
of a slow person.


you do what you can,

wer-ever it may take you.


im working to slow,

or im stupid, or..

i forgot to add other people.

so im trying to get you now.


other sources of air-pressure
to make the tube work:

a pump?


a plastic-pipe sealed
on both-ends and pumped up with
a bike-pump can build a pressure
up to 100psi easy, but short.



there are other devices
im not telling you about
that will
suck or siphon air by themselves
when started up fast enuff.
like water in a hose.

key words:

siphon - like your heart.

capillarity - if i were a plant.

vortex - trees defy gravity.

using forces and energies no one
talks about.


understand what 'grow' meens,

and you will build things

that defy understanding.

houses that build themselves?


the last key word i

should tell you is...


it may be the secret of

'grow'. one layer at a time.

every morning.


keep my email updated.

with things you discover.


- and thanks for listening
to my crudy message.

you wont be sorry,

this idea has power,

the examples are all around you.

and in you.

-no end-

- - - -

2:35 PM  
Blogger SquidgePa said...


I remember an article from about thirty-five years ago in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics about the vortex tube. There was a picture of someone in one of those aluminum covered fireproof suits, where they were using the vortex tube to provide chilled air. I seem to recall the other vent in the tube spitting out hot air, but that was not released into the suit.

There was detailed plans on how to fabricate one. Maybe I'll track down the article at the library.

Thanks for all of the links.

8:26 AM  

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