Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Thursday in Late June

Worldcon is coming.

I don't really have anything for the art show. I've been reading instead of doing much else. We went to a blueberry festival last weekend, picked some berrries, and I baked a blueberry crumb pie.

I still have a cough and am wheezing. I have an inhaler that helps about half the time (the other half is either coughing fits or my gag reflex starts to kick in).

Four day weekend coming up. I have to start the pottery pipeline now, in order to have raku pieces ready.

I want to make a couple of rockets, both raku and high fired celedon pieces. I've had a ray gun in the garage that I haven't worked on for years that I could make a raku or cassius handle for to finish it.

I'd like to do a covered jar with some carvings in it. Maybe I can make a modern canopic jar or something.


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