Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday - Last Day of Vacation

Where did the time go?

Julie had some inspiration and rearranged parts of the studio, clearing out a bunch of the non-pottery stuff on the shelves, and moving the bags and boxes of clay to just outside the door. Its easier to find things on the shelves now, and when someone is throwing at the wheel, the other person can get to the sink without squeezing by.

In the last few days, I threw and trimmed a bowl. It has a really tall foot. I have it upside-down, wrapped in plastic, in the damp box.

Stephanie went down to the closest lake in our development, and got to net fish for minnows. She really enjoys it, so we went down three times in the last few days. Its a nice walk down and back, and I sat in the shade at a picnic table, reading my hieroglyphics book. I've reviewed the hieroglyph alphabet, and have worked at writing the names of family members. At the end of a male name, you draw a seated man, with his face towards the front of the name. A woman's name gets a seated woman.

Julie and I have been talking about the new studio, and we decided that we need a wedging table sooner rather than later. A wedging table is a sturdy table, with a two to three inch thick slab of plaster on top. It can be covered in canvas as well. We can use it to recycle all of the bags of old clay and clay scraps that are piling up outside of the studio. I did an internet search, and decided that building one would be cheaper than buying one. I did an inventory of wood in the garage, and decided that all we needed was a short piece of four by four for the last leg.

I spent about four hours today building the wedging table. The top is a frame of two by fours, divided into two eighteen inch by twenty and a half inch openings. There is a piece of three quarter inch plywood at the bottom of each half of the frame. There are four legs, one in each corner of the frame, made of four by fours. There are two braces supporting each leg, also cut from two by fours. The whole structure is held together with three inch wood screws.

There are four things left to finish the table. First, I need to poly seal the table. Then, we need to fix rubber feet to the bottom of the table legs. Thirdly, I'll caulk around the plywood to prevent leaks when the plaster is poured. Last, we'll pour the two plaster slabs in place (one slab for light color clay, one for dark). Each slab will weigh about fifty pounds, so we will need to place the table where we want to use it for a while.


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