Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Coursework" - "R" = ?

I was reading the resume of someone at work, when something trivial jumped out at me; on the fourth page, the resume listed "Additional Cousework", with some classes listed.

I thought it odd, since the person was from a respectable institution of higher learning, that they couldn't run a spell check on their resume.

An associate then emailed me the electronic version of the resume, one that was in Word.

'Cousework' was in the electronic document, but the Word spell checker did not catch it as a misspelling. I created another document on my work computer, and it didn't flag the word either.

My copy of Word 2003 at home flags it as a misspelling.

Googling this word, it appears to be a common misspelling that appears all over the web.

It doesn't appear in the copies of Mierriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary that I've got at work or home.

The online version of the Oxford English Dictionary is a subscription service, so that wasn't any help. I went to the next best source, which was an online Scrabble dictionary. They say that there is no such word (my reasoning being that if the Scrabble players won't give points for it, then it probably isn't a word).

I wondering whether the evil Mpire is delivering "cousework" as a word in their Word dictionaries, for some nefarious reason.

Or, perhaps it is the sign of an insidious computer virus, and only the infected computers list "cousework" in their dictionaries.

Flee, while there is still time......


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Honey, if I wasn't already in love with you, I could fall in love all over again...

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