Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Glaze Materials Order

The raku equipment showed up in the mail today. I'm off work at the end of next week, and all of the following week for spring break, so Julie and I know we can fire the raku kiln while I'm off.

We had a quick chat in the studio this evening, and decided to mix our own glazes for the raku firing, as well as glaze firing at cone six. I pulled out my glaze notebook, and identified the known glazes (mostly from Spruill Center) that we want.

For raku, there is Seth's Luster, a crackle glaze, copper red, gold, and a black glaze. For cone six, we have Floating Blue and Teadust. Teadust has a brownish tan color, unless it is sprayed thin over a white glaze, and then it turns a lively, brilliant blue, which breaks in interesting ways. It has a lot of cobalt oxide in it.

We placed our order for one hundred and ten pounds of glaze materials this evening, and will pick everything up (including the cinderblocks for the raku kiln pad) this weekend.

Twenty pounds Gerstley Borate
Ten pounds Custer Feldspar
Ten pounds Nephaline Syenite
Ten pounds Silica
Five pounds Barnard Clay Substitute
Five pounds Bentonite
Five pounds Bone Ash
Five pounds Calcium Carbonate
Five pounds Copper Carbonate
Five pounds Kaolin EPK
Five pounds Manganese Dioxide
Five pounds Red Iron Oxide
Five pounds Rutile
Five pounds Talc
Five pounds Zircopax
One pound Cobalt Carbonate
One pound Cobalt Oxide
One pound Cornwall Stone
One pound Silver Nitrate
One pound Tin Oxide


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