Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Saw the Doctor

I saw my regular doctor today. It was a follow-up appointment for the pneumonia, before we discovered that I had a bronchial cleft cyst. I still can't talk, and I won't find out until Friday what the ENT has to say, based on the biopsy (which hopefully, will verify that it is a bronchial cleft cyst, and not something worse). I have been scheduled for a follow-up x-ray of my chest at the end of April, to check up on something that may or may not be an artifact of the pneumonia, which could lead to another CT scan.

Anyways, my case is the first that my doctor has ever seen in his twenty years of practice. Most cases occur in children, not in forty-some year old adults.

I still can't talk.

I miss singing. I can't sing well, but I miss singing.

I miss doing sound effects. I use them to punctuate my conversations, and all I can do is that horse-lip thing (and whistle).

I miss talking with my wife.

I miss doing funny voices in conversation.

I miss being able to read to Stephanie; full on, read aloud, different voices for each character reading. I used to read to her every night, and she can sight read as a result of it, and is one of the best readers in her grade. The last time I got to read to her was the last Harry Potter book, which I read to her and Julie. I do the Richard Harris version of Dumbledore, a great Snape, but my McGonnagle has too much Monty Python "Mrs. Diesel Engine" in it. I like doing Harry and Ron as well.

Steph has started to read on her own, mostly.

Stanislaw Lem, the Polish science fiction author died last week. I want to read some of the adventures of Trurl and Klapacius from "The Cyberiad" to her (especially the "Cosmic Bard"), but need to be able to do the voices. Reading in a whisper, puctuated by coughs, doesn't cut it.


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