Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend and Health Updates

One post; two stories.

We spent Friday evening and the weekend visiting the South Jersey Clay exhibition at the Clay College. Julie has three of her pieces in the exhibition. In general, we had a very good time. Stephanie joined us on Friday evening and Sunday, and was well behaved. Julie says that I only bristled visibly once, when re-introducing myself to someone that I hadn't seen in a few years.

I had issues.

Moving along to the health thing, I had a camera stuffed up my nose again, but this time the doctor got to record the session, and play it back. My vocal chords are visibly swollen, and they don't close at the 'top' (er, wide side?) all of the way. I also seem to have what looks like leukoplakia on the base of the 'right' chord.

The ENT gave me perscriptions to stop acid reflux (which I don't recall having), as well as tablets to prevent fungus and yeast infections that I need to suck on five times a day for two weeks. I have a follow-up in three weeks.

My regular doctor got the results of my chest x-ray, and said that everything has cleared up, except that I still have a persistant cough. He is suggesting Claritin, to see if that helps.


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