Thursday, June 15, 2006


I seem to have gone to a really dark place.

I am disappointed by just about everything that I see in the world.

The neverending battle to do the right thing is exhausting, and I want a break.

When I get the break, I don't want to do anything with it.


Last night, Steph announced at 9:15 pm that she wanted to be part of a school talent show. There was a song that was attached to an animation that she found on the net, and she memorized the lyrics. She needed the music.

The song was called "Toy Soldier", by an artist named Martika, and had been recorded in the '80s.

I carefully explained to Steph that she can't task us with projects that late at night; if she had told us earlier in the evening, we could have done something about it.

She was sad, but accepting.

I was proud of her, but then thought about the times as a child when my parents were too busy to come through on a last minute requests.

I tracked down the name of an album containing the song on the web, then called our local Border's to see how late they were open.

They had one copy of the CD, and put it on hold for me. I raced out, and picked it up before they closed at ten.

Steph was very happy to get her music. We put it on her CD player, with "Toy Soldier" on repeat, and she happily listened as she was tucked into bed. I was happy to be her hero. At least there is some hope in the world, when we can solve little problems for our loved ones, and make them smile.


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