Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Night

The kiln tripped at about 2:00 this afternoon. The garage is very hot, due to the kiln, but I had to work on cutting some brass and soldering this afternoon. I am making a brass plate that fits at the bottom of the grip on each ray gun. The pieces are held to the bottom of the orthoganal stems with a knurled brass cap that I bought in the lamp section at the Loewe's. The hollow tubes that hold the ray guns together are all three eighths inch with fine threads at the ends. Most lamp parts match this size, but finding anything in the screw and fastener section of hardware stores doesn't bring much luck.

The butt piece on each gun is two rectangular pieces of brass, one slightly smaller than the other. There is a hole in each piece, drilled out to three eighths, and then the holes are lined up, and the pieces soldered together. I solder on top of a scrap kiln brick on top of the kiln, and things were really hot out there today with the kiln cooling down.

Hopefully, I can sculpt the handles this week.


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