Friday, April 13, 2007

Cracking the Kiln

We cracked the kiln last Sunday.

There had been little reduction, most of the glazes never matured, and almost all of my bowls had cracks in them.

I attribute the cracking to the bowls being bisque fired ten years ago, and then following us around for several moves. They probably had hairline cracks before we glazed them.

Two bowls were saved, one that Steph laid claim to, and is now in her room, and the other is a slightly heat warped mixing bowl.

We will try again sometime soon.

The rocket that I threw is dried out, wrapped in a towel in a box down in the studio.

I took yesterday off as a floating holiday from work (forty-sixth anniversary of first man in space), and today as a vacation day.

I'm planning to work on a raygun today. First stop will be to go to a bead store on the White Horse Pike (one of the local roads that goes back to colonial times) to see if they have any large beads that I can incorporate into the pieces).


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