Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Studio Progress

Found a source of plastic fifty-five gallon barrels, Western Container in New Hope.  They have recycled blue barrels for twenty-five dollars a piece, and I was able to squeeze four of them into the minivan (one across the passenger seats, and three in the back.  We typically leave the last row of seats out of the van.)  I need to construct a base and frame that will hold the barrel four feet off of the floor, support about five hundred pounds of weight, and keep the barrel from falling off.  I also need a small base cabinet to put a double steel sink in.  Sometimes I can find the sinks and cabinets at garage sales.

For the slab roller, I cut and trimmed four pieces of square stock for the cable brackets.  The cable brackets are in the four corners of the table, with two steel pipes above and below the table that are the rollers that are supported by the cables.  As you turn a wooden wheel attached to the lower steel roller, it moves along the cables, and pulls the upper roller along.  I need to hit the home improvement store for the metal crimps that I need to re-bind the ends of the cable together once I install the new brackets.



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