Monday, August 08, 2005

Dream Machine

I'm about to change, and go into the studio to make handles and trim my coffee mugs.

At lunch today, I ran across an interesting web site. I've always wanted to make a machine or gizmo out of clay. I've wanted to for years, but, other than making a clay pinhole camera (with a brass shim pinhole), I've never come up with a workable idea.

Today, I found this, a UK site with plans for clocks with wooden gears and works:

Julie says that anything rolled out on our slab roller will stay flat, as long as it isn't stretched when the slab is moved. I could make a 'cookie cutter' out of scrap metal to make the right tooth shape for each kind of gear, then use it to cut out each individual tooth. The quadrant cutouts for each gear could be made with an exacto blade, or another cookie cutter.

It might require a low shrinkage clay as well.


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