Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here Be Dragons

I got home from work yesterday, and Julie had finished the first of her dragon vases. She worked with the taller of the two vases that I had thrown her.

I saw a Rookwood exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum of Art, and they had had two vases that had
Chinese dragons added to the pieces after they had been thrown. I guess that I had expected her to do something like making one of her polymer dragons out of regular clay, and have it interacting with the vase.

Wow, was I wrong. The piece looks like the vase is starting to morph into a dragon, with the head and face pressing out, and bits of wing and tail showing on other parts of the vase. Its a very beautiful piece. I don't think that I have the words to describe how incredibly cool this piece is, and I feel that it would sell in a gallery for more than my carved vases or rockets have in the past. I need to get a picture of it up.

Last night, before we went to bed, I asked Julie if she would like to do the same thing with the vase that I had thrown out of raku clay. She agreed to try, and this afternoon she called to say that she had finished that piece as well.

When I trimmed the vases, I caved my initials into the base of the foot, and then the symbol for our little pottery (which is the letters 'K' and 'P', with a swirl representing flame around them). After Julie transformed them, she added her initials as well, to distinguish it from any pieces that we have worked on separately.
Looks like I'll be throwing more vases soon, for both of us to work on.


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