Saturday, February 11, 2006

Awaiting the Storm

There's a big snowstorm coming. It is supposed to hit around three this afternoon.

I went into the back yard this morning, and moved our yard cart, and stacked the sleds on the back porch, in preparation for sledding on Sunday. We have a tall hill in the back yard, that is almost as tall as the roofline on our two story house, with a sled run down the middle.

The weather in Voorhees is usually less severe than in Philadelphia. They'll usually get hammered, and we will get a light dusting. Whatever weather phenomenon causes this to happen is reversed this time, so we are expecting six to twelve inches.

Julie is off to pick up some more porcelain from the Daleys out in Vineland, then will hit the store on the way home to pick up fixins for stew and chile.

Steph is on the computer, in the library, on Neopets, or playing Zoo Tycoon 2.

When I finish my lunch, I'll return to the studio. I'm throwing with a red clay body, called Brooklyn Red. One more piece, and I'll be through the first half a bag. I've thrown a small bowl, two mugs, and a small vase. Its a little harder to throw with that 266, and I've had some mistakes that required major triage with a needle tool. The clay is soft, and it has less tooth than the 266, but I've been able to throw thinner pieces.


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