Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Red Cherry Tomato Grapes

Tod, one of my associates, was washing out some grapes this morning. They were very large for grapes; he referred to them as 'nearly small plums'. We kicked around alternate names for them, and then settled on 'red cherry tomato grapes', which creates a sort of closure with the term grape tomatoes. One could make something like a Waldorf salad including grape tomatoes and red cherry tomato grapes.

I took a peek in the kiln this morning. It was too hot to throw open, but cool enough that I could lift the lid for a quick glance inside.

It looks like the rockets all survived the bisque firing. Some of them were rather tall, so we loaded them on one side of the kiln, which allowed Julie to get in another half shelf supporting the tail of a new yard dragon.


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