Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy Week

A lot has happened this week. We fired the kiln three times, once as bisque, once to cone four, and then once to cone six. I turned it up to high at one thirty this morning, and put in the peep plugs. The kiln sitter tripped sometime before six this morning, and the kiln is now cooling.

I bought two boxes for the rayguns. I had hoped to find some used cigar boxes that would be the right size, but they were not long enough. I ended up going to an arts and crafts store, and buying a pair of latched boxes. Hopefully, we can get them stained and lined before Friday; if not, they will wait until Arisia.

We almost fired the raku kiln last night. I had one new piece, the rocket with the canard fins, that I had glazed, and a few other pieces that I was going to risk for refire. The canrard rocket will have a red body, with a black nose tip and fins. The engines are copper red. It will be a nice piece when its done, and the red low fire glaze that I used is one of the most reliable that we have. We decided to put the firing off until we have some dryer weather and more new work.


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