Sunday, January 21, 2007

Public Face/Private Face

I'm a fan of the space elevator.

I wear a lanyard around my neck at work, from the Space Elevator 3rd International Conference. Its starting to wear out, and at some point, I will need to replace it with a new lanyard. I think I have three or four left from the conference, since Julie and I were the ones that made the lanyards, pens, and notebooks for the conference.

A couple of noteworthy types from the space elevator community have started a new company, Black Line Ascension. Hooray for them. I found out about it almost a week ago, from The Space Eleavator Blog.

One of my new co-workers for my new position at work noticed my lanyard, since, he too, is a fan of the project. We started talking, and I promised to send him a few interesting links to further his interests.

Black Line Ascension was one of the links that I sent him. I remembered that the url was their company name, but couldn't remember what the name of the company was, so went back to Space Elevator Blog to find it. They have a copy of the logo for Black Line Ascension, so I banged in the name, and discovered something interesting:

Black Line Ascension has two 'N's, not one, like their logo says.

The web site is the public face of Black Line Ascension, and they can't even spell their own name.

I've sent a couple of emails, with no response.

Bugs the heck out of me.

I baked a pecan pie tonight, from Pamela Z. Asquith's pie book. Three cups of pecans, dark brown sugar, light and dark corn syrup, a half cup of eggs, and a half stick of butter. It makes a very nutty, non-sweet pie.


Blogger Brian Dunbar said...

Interesting - nice catch on the logo. I confess I've looked at but not _looked_ at it.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Ted said...

Wow - good catch! I missed it too. Normally typo's just jump out at me (people who used to work for me said I was "evil", until they started using spell checkers).

Now it bugs me, too...

12:11 PM  

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