Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Projects Projects Projects

  • We've received informal confirmation that both Julie and I are accepted to both the Comic-Con and Dragon*Con art shows.
  • I have one rocket currently in the works, which is a reconstruction of the first rocket that I ever made, back in Georgia. I now need to start a few more. I also need to refire the Luther Burbank and the Clipper rockets.
  • There are four rayguns in the works, two pairs.
    • The first pair started as a small set of candlesticks, and I have the design worked out in my notebook. There are a few parts that I need to acquire, essentially clear beads, somewhere between an inch to an inch and a quarter in diameter. I want polycarbonate, but will settle for acrylic (glass breaks too easily). I would like to get red/blue/green/or amber. The closest match so far is a ball lamp at Wallmart, which has four pink beads on it. These will be small enough to fit into some of the hardwood cigar boxes that I have acquired.
    • The second pair started as brass wall sconces. I need to cut them down a bit, and then torch them back together. The new seams will be disguised by how I mount the handles.
    • There is a big, community garage sale this weekend in one of the nearby developments. This was the same sale that, years ago, I got the original set of wall sconces to make my first pair of ray guns. I am hoping that there will be enough eclectic stuff to allow me to finish the ones that I am working on now, or maybe inspire another pair.
  • My friend Laura and her fiance Bill are getting married on Memorial Day, and I am doing a hundred tiles for favors at the reception. The tile will have a cobalt blue image of the mansion that the are getting married, with names, locations, and dates above and below the image. I created a quick sim of the artwork using MSPaint and wotnot, but need to redo the artwork in CorelDraw so I can size the text properly and burn the silkscreen templates.
  • Working around the kitchen, trying to finish the base molding. There are only a few more pieces to cut and stain, and then it will be finished (after years and years of waiting). We had kicked around the idea of replacing our basement door with one with a window in it, to allow more light into the basement, but finally decided to just finish the project.


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