Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prepping for Comic-Con

We're about two months out from the San Diego Comic-Con.

This will be the biggest convention of the year for us.

Julie and I have started working on additional projects for the art show.

I would like to get a couple more rockets made and fired. I'll try to do the throwing this weekend, to get it into the firing cycle.
I'm also working on some ray guns. My first two ray guns sold at Arisia and LunaCon. I'm working on a new series, a steampunk/sailpunk design, with flintlocks. The first one started as a derringer lighter I picked up at a garage sale. I disassembled the piece, tossed the non-working lighter bits, made a few modifications with a hacksaw and drill, and have braised a brass washer and nut to the inside of the shortened barrel. I have a threaded brass rod screwed into the nut that will pass through rubber stopper, a set of lenticular beads, short pieces of tubing, and attach to the base of a small brass candlestick. I still need to find a couple of small brass beads, one for the sight, and the other for the business end of the ray gun. I could also use a small lamp finial for the business end.


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