Monday, June 15, 2015

Nearing Completion

Julie and I finished tiling the studio floor this weekend.  There was a little concrete patch work that we needed to do just outside the main door into the hall Saturday, and then Julie laid the final tiles on Sunday.  I shut off water to the house and installed the valves for under the sink.

We brought the sink in from the old studio.  Its a sixty-eight inch piece of our old kitchen counter, with a double stainless steel sink, mounted on a framework of two by fours.  There were lateral braces that I had to remove, since they were at the exact height of the drain pipe in the wall, and a vertical bract that cut across one of the supply pipes.  I rearranged two by fours for about an hour, but we now have the sink in place.  I need to build a clay trap for the drain from a five gallon bucket, which I plan to get to this week.  I also need to anchor the sink to the counter, and the counter to the frame.  I should be able to cut a sheet of plywood to use as a shelf under the sink as well.

The next major task is to get a waterproof base molding around the perimeter of the room, and to paint the newly built west wall.  We should be able to bring the rest of our equipment in once these are done.


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