Monday, February 13, 2006

Post-Storm Post

We've uploaded a few photos of the snow from the storm to our flickr account.

There is also a picture of Julie, working in the studio, and one of the thirteen pots before we brought them to the gallery.

I am stiff and sore from all of the shovelling. Julie did the cars, and the front and back porch, while I shovelled the rest of the driveway. She also spread snow melt after we'd cleared each section. I was pretty useless for the rest of the day, and never got back into the studio (I need ten engine bells for three raku rockets) . I took a hot shower, and went to bed early.

The snow clung to things when it fell. One of our next door neighbor's trees was so burdened by snow and ice that it bowed over, and the crown touched the ground. This was right next to my driveway, where I would be piling snow, so Julie and I had to knock off enough snow and ice, and push the trunk, to get it to raise up four or five feet to allow us to shovel snow under the crown.


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