Sunday, June 17, 2007

Raygun Progress

Updated photo of one of the rayguns in progress. I fabricated the new trigger, and added a bead in front of the trigger guard. I plan to paint the body of this raygun dark green. I'm examining the spring mechanism inside another one of the gun lighters to get an idea of how to make the trigger at least spring back into position when pulled.

Started a second raygun today as well. It has a fluted silver bead and a silver bell on the end. A small finial will come out of the bell. I'll fabricate a new trigger, as well as attach a bead in front of the trigger guard. I was able to cut the stock and barrel, and to file them both down. It took me four or five tries to solder the cap onto the end of the barrel stump, and attach the other parts to the end of the barrel. I'll need to strip the stock of paint, and then paint it dark blue.


For Father's Day dinner tonight, we grilled up some barbecue baby back ribs, with sliced onions and roasted red yams. We also had a greek pasta salad. For dessert, we broke out the Donvier, and made a white chocolate frozen custard.


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