Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Haven't had the time to dedicate to the rayguns that I wanted, but progress is being made.

I cut metal on a new project last week, and have the major filing and soldering complete. Its comes from a different starting point, so every step has to be thought through. We bought some copper mesh for some flash on the piece, and Julie is helping me with the fabrication on that.

I started painting three of the rayguns on Sunday. I primed them, then put on the first layer of paint. Two of them are dark green, and the third is aqua. Still looking for small brass beads for the business end. We also bought some boxes at our local Ragshop, a craft store that is going out of business.

I'm thinking I'll have four rayguns for Comic-con, and and four or five rockets. Julie has a yard dragon in the works, and once she clears the slab roller in the garage, I can try to cut some wooden bases for the rockets.


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