Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flash Gordon Episode "Pride"

Being a raygun and rocket kind of guy, I've been watching the Sci Fi Channel's Flash Gordon series. Julie and Steph have been watching it with me. I had high expectations for the show, but we've been generally disappointed by the series (me because there have been no spaceships, and the rayguns are very pedestrian).

A few minutes into last Friday's episode, "Pride", I started making connections between what was appearing on our TV, and a song that I learned as a child, called There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. Its one of those progressive songs like the Twelve Days of Christmas, that started off as a singing game, and then somebody wrote down a particularly good set.

I started to blurt out fragments, and Julie and Steph pitched in as the episode progressed.

It started with "There's a rift in the hold of the ship with a hole", and started to grow from there.

Whenever the episode would slow down, we'd try to summarize what had happened so far in the episode, mess it up, and start laughing. I sang in "Sea Chanty" voice.

At one point, a character started to describe what was happening in the episode, and almost dropped into the same, sing-song chant that we were using. We busted up.

Over the last several days, I've periodically broken into the chant, so much so, that Steph has resorted to a terse "Knock it off, Dad!" every time she hears it.

"There's a guy with a whip who's the mate of the chick with the trick from the tree in the park in the rift with a crack from the click with the tape by the Doc with the Flash by the boat in the hold of the ship with the hole at the dock by the side of the sea."


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