Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Its been nearly a month.

A very busy month.

Little pottery was done. We took down some trees in our yard, and spent one weekend chipping branches into mulch, and the next cutting the tree into pieces small enough to haul away. We have over a hundred trees in our yard, mainly scrub oak and pine. We took down two pines in the back, and a triple trunked oak in front. Chipping pine is fun, but chipping oak branches on a hot day pretty much takes everything out of you.

I did some drawing, though. I've designed a couple of rockets, two flying saucers, and an ex-trout. I've also made two corregated cardboard templates of a rocket and the aforementioned trout to make wall hangings with. We are planning to repaint Stephanie's room when we are back from vacation, and I want to make a small fleet of rockets to mount on one wall for her.

For Father's day, Julie ordered me a book and video on how to build a raku kiln. It will come in the mail while we are gone. I'm mainly interested in the details about the burners and pressure regulators.

We've almost finished packing; there is only a little laundry to do, then the clothes are done. I want to bring my pottery toolbox too, just in case.

On our way to Atlanta, we plan to spend a day in Seagrove, North Carolina. There are a lot of pottery studios in the area, and we hope to get inspiration, and learn a little more about the business side of things.