Wednesday, November 29, 2006


SquidgePa's Aliases

Your movie star name: Digestive Biscuits Mike

Your fashion designer name is Thomas Vienna

Your socialite name is Mad Dog Voorhees

Your fly girl / guy name is T Kas

Your detective name is Dik-dik Valhalla

Your barfly name is Digestive Biscuit Margarita

Your soap opera name is Edward Grandview

Your rock star name is Raspberry Truffles Tacyon

Your Star Wars name is Thobuf Kasjul

Your punk rock band name is The Pissed Zepplin

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Miranda Rights

I twisted my ankle when we were loading the car on Saturday morning. Steph was on her way to a friend's house to play and spend the night, and Julie and I were on the way to a local science fiction convention. I was carrying a box, with Steph behind me, when I partially stepped off of the walkway, and my ankle collapsed sideways.

It really hurt, like my ankle was on fire. I also ripped the knee of my jeans, and skinned one knee.

Julie ran Stephanie over to her friend's house while I cleaned up. We got in the car when she returned, and headed to the convention.

I gimped around for the day. For lunch, we gimped over to a chinese noodle house in Philadelphia's China town, and I had a beef satay dish with wide noodles. Julie had a fresh flounder dish. The best part of the convention was that one of the conference rooms was a steady stream of panels about online gaming, virtual reality, virtual businesses, and the uses of virtual spaces for psychology. There was a projection TV set up in the room, showing a theater in Second Life, and the panel was being broadcast live to the virtual world as well. A few times, we were able to see the panel from the point of view of the virtual world. The avatars in Second Life could comment, and get their questions answered by members of the panel.

Julie ended up leaving me in the room to do other things, since I lacked mobility, and she got to play with clay with another artist.

We ended up not selling anything in the art show.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy Week

A lot has happened this week. We fired the kiln three times, once as bisque, once to cone four, and then once to cone six. I turned it up to high at one thirty this morning, and put in the peep plugs. The kiln sitter tripped sometime before six this morning, and the kiln is now cooling.

I bought two boxes for the rayguns. I had hoped to find some used cigar boxes that would be the right size, but they were not long enough. I ended up going to an arts and crafts store, and buying a pair of latched boxes. Hopefully, we can get them stained and lined before Friday; if not, they will wait until Arisia.

We almost fired the raku kiln last night. I had one new piece, the rocket with the canard fins, that I had glazed, and a few other pieces that I was going to risk for refire. The canrard rocket will have a red body, with a black nose tip and fins. The engines are copper red. It will be a nice piece when its done, and the red low fire glaze that I used is one of the most reliable that we have. We decided to put the firing off until we have some dryer weather and more new work.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Unfortunate Choice of Names

Read this.

Then click on this link.

We drove by the latter yesterday, while visiting Charlottesville, Virginia. I couldn't get the definition of the term out of my head.

Monticello overlooks Charlottesville, and is also near Blue Ridge Pottery.