Saturday, May 16, 2015

Constructing the new studio.

Julie and I have been talking about selling the place for the last two years.  All of our projects were centered around getting the house ready for market.  We wanted to move into Northfield, or move closer to my work in Arden Hills, or move closer to where my work will be in another year or so in Plymouth.

We finally decided that we would make another go at the place.  This was partly due to me getting a promotion at work, so there is a little more money coming in every month.  Another problem with moving was finding a place to put a studio.  Again.  Our current place has lots of room for a studio, so we finally decided to stop messing with moving, and playing with the hobby farm, and do what we have wanted to do for years, which is to focus on our artwork.

We had a room in the basement on the north side of the house that measured fifteen by thirty.  We never used it for much, and two puppies and two cats did a number on the carpeting.  I decided to partition the room in two, with a pocket door in between.  One will be for an in-house studio.  We'll keep the kilns out in the old garage, which is a separate building from the house, barn, and coop that we have run adequate power out to.  The room designated for the studio is already plumbed for a sink.

I have the partition wall framed, and almost all of the drywall up on the studio side.  I'll start mudding tomorrow, and maybe drywall the other side of the wall as well.