Monday, April 20, 2009

Escape Velocity

Long time, no post.

There has been a lot going on in our lives, but at the same time, not much has been going on. Things are eating more time.

I've been working out since the beginning of the year. Three times a week, I go to the gym, and have a routine of nine exercises and three ten minute cardio workouts. I've lost weight, built a little muscle, and my blood pressure seems to be under control for the first time in a long while. Someday, I hope to do pull-ups again, which for some strange reason is becomming an obsession. One of the machines at the gym will even allow you to 'cheat' at pull-ups by counteracting some of your body weight with fixed weights until you are strong enough to pull-up unassisted. Its not part of my current routine, but I'm thinking that there isn't any reason why I shouldn't add it.

My real justification for working out is that I want to be on the show 'Survivor'. I have wanted to be on it since the applications were posted when they were starting to cast for the first episode. At the time, I couldn't afford the time off from work (and I wasn't in shape). Julie and I have watched almost every episode of every season, and I finally confessed to her my desire to be on the show late last year. We decided that I needed to be in better shape to have a chance. It's wacky that the remote chance of being on a reality show is what has finally motivated me to do what I needed to do all along for my own health.

(I REALLY wanted to be on the upcomming season of Survivor, which films this summer, since I have convinced myself that the location will be somewhere along the region where the longest solar eclipse of the twenty-first century will occur, which is southeast asia and the Pacific islands south of Japan, the island group that includes Iwo Jima. I had a great uncle who died there during the U.S. invasion during the second World War.)

We spent some time in Minnesota this month, visiting my brothers and their extended family. Julie and I fired up the kiln and raku kiln for the first time in a very long time to make a couple of gifts to bring with us. I made a tuna, and Julie made a tile with a weedy sea dragon. We both hope to spend more time in the studio in the comming months.

The thing that has eaten most of my time is Facebook, where I have a couple of games that I obsessively play. I spend a lot of time when I am home visiting and maintaining my games, and for the longest time that filled whatever it was that I used to do with my artwork and blogging. I miss the blog though, and I miss my artwork even more. I'm getting back to the place that I was years ago, where I am starting to crave the time spent throwing clay, or making rayguns, or any of the other hobbies that I've formed over the last twenty years.

Hopefully, I'll keep you posted.