Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kastan Pottery Sales

Juli has set up a little slide show of some of our current and former work for sale:
Kastan Pottery Sales

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jellied Cats to Solve the High Cost of Energy

I ran across this link today. Steph certainly got a big kick out of it.

This is almost as good as applying clown car technology to the overpopulation problem.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Julie and I have been talking about how to educate people at the art shows about the raku process. I think that if people knew more about raku, that they would have a better understanding of our work, and would therefore have a better chance of becoming a potential buyer.

Yesterday, I baked a coffee cake in one of the cake pans that Julie had thrown. I then drove it to the craft fair at a local elementary school where she was set up, along with our friend, Brenda, who does polychromatic glass and silver jewelry.

I was talking with Brenda about displays, and how to convey to the potential buyers all of the work that goes into some of her pieces. We developed the idea of picking up an inexpensive digital picture frame for use as a media display.

The frames are small and light, so won't take up much room when we travel to shows, and have just enough capability to make them useful, but aren't so powerful, like a portable DVD player, to make them targets of shoplifting in the art show.

For Julie and I, the raku presentation can include a short history of raku (traces back to a Korean method for making roof tiles, where the kiln is constantly firing, and tile pieces are moved in and out), pictures of the firing process, and glamor shots of work that we didn't bring to the show.

Maybe we will get an extra one for ComicCon, for Stephanie to display some the comics that she draws.