Monday, August 17, 2015

Launching the New Studio

The studio is mostly done.

  • I finished the clay trap, and tested it for leaks.
  • We installed a new faucet to the sink, since the old one leaked from ice damage.
  • I used a dolly to bring in our slab roller.  I had to pull the rollers and wheel off of it to get it through the door from the basement equipment room, and then reassemble and re-string the cables.
  • Julie and I used the dolly again to bring the wedging table from the old studio to the new one.  I never thought that I would be able to move it without destroying the the hundred pounds of cast plaster slabs embedded in the surface, especially when we had to flip it up on end to get it on the dolly.  It worked out fine.  I just need to add a good cutting wire to it to finish it.
  • From used lumber, I constructed a four foot by six foot hand building table, with a recycled plastic work surface.  I'll keep everyone posted on how durable it is.  We should be able to get six people comfortably around it to work.
  • I moved our clay shelf into the alcove just outside of the studio.  That's where we will keep our boxes of clay.
  • Julie finished plastering and painting the partition wall on the west side of the studio.
More lighting would be nice, and we need to scour the house and outbuilding for clay tools that have wandered off over the years, but we can start playing with clay again.